El Mul Golan – Country Lodging in Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan

Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan
Welcome to the countryside
In the heart of the Jordan Valley
Special trees and flowers
Blooming gardens
Historical kibbutz monuments
Nature is everywhere
The real kibbutz experience
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Welcome to El mul Golan

The site is located on kibbutz Shaar Hagolan, overlooking the Gilad mountains and the Golan heights; 500 meters from the Yarmuk river and the Jordanian border, 5 minutes drive from the "Yardenit" baptism site, 10 minutes drive from the Sea of Galilee and 15 minutes drive from Hamat- Gader Hot springs.

Additional services for our guests:

  • All rooms are just steps away from the swimming pool, the museum, the dining room and the minimarket.
  • A lounge with coffee, wine and beer (for groups only, pre-coordination is required)

The nature around us:

Thanks to our creative gardening team – our site is surrounded by trees, flowers and greenery. The sound of birds is music to our ears, the honeydew of the flowers feeds butterflies and birds; jaybirds, hoopoes and honey- suckles visit us daily.

The kibbutz itself is like one great botanical garden, decorated with tall, unique species of trees from all over the world. Thanks to the trees we have over 50 types of birds nesting here.

Additional services included for our overnight guests-

  • Breakfast- Israeli buffet
  • Free internet
  • Free use of the swimming pool- indoor pool, active all year round
  • Free entrance to the mini-zoo
  • Guided tour at the Museum of Yarmukian Culture
  • Use of the kibbutz' playground
  • A map of the kibbutz for a self-guided tour, including explanation points about kibbutz life.

Our rooms and facilities

Types of Rooms

  • In our country lodging- 65 rooms

  • 15 rooms are family units, fit to host 3-5 persons

  • 42 rooms are suited for 1-4 persons

  • 8 rooms are suited for 1-2 persons

  • 2 rooms are adjusted for handicapped guests All rooms are in buildings- either 1 or 2 floors

In each room and family unit:

A coffee corner equipped with all necessary ingredients for making hot drinks, a mini-refrigerator , and a microwave oven There are no dishes, except for coffee cups, cooking in the rooms is prohibited.

BBQ facilities are outside the rooms for your convenience LCD TV with cables Air conditioning Bathroom Free WIFI in all rooms All rooms are steps away from the swimming pool, the dining room, the museum, the playground, the minimarket and the ATM

All rooms are steps away from the swimming pool, the dining room, the museum, the playground, the minimarket and the ATM

Museum of Yarmukian Culture

Discover an ancient culture…
On the guided tour you will hear the story of an ancient culture, found in our fields. The Neolithic culture is 8000 years old- the era of the very beginning of agriculture. The museum displays archeological findings: various types of stone tools, clay utensils and Fertility figurines. A humorous video for all the family is included, demonstrating life in that special culture.

Opening hours of the Museum:
Sunday- Friday , holyday eve – 9.00 – 12.00
Saturdays and holydays- 10.00 – 13.00

A tour of the kibbutz

Get to know a one of a kind life style you can find only in Israel

Take a leisurely one hour walk among the beautiful green scenery of the kibbutz.

While touring the kibbutz you will be able to see the famous clothes warehouse, the dining hall, the main bulletin board and the kids’ dorms, gain some understanding of the kibbutz’s organizational structure and learn about the benefits of living in a real kibbutz, as well as the shortcomings of this life style.

The tour concludes at the museum’s balcony, providing a magnificent view of our neighbors – to the east you can see the Kingdom of Jordan, and to the north – the Golan Heights and Syria.

A charge will apply; minimum 15 people per tour

Meals on the road

We provide breakfast or lunch for groups touring the area – delicious, pleasant and affordable. Different tours can be combined together plus lunch.Please make pre-arrangements & reservations in advance.
tel: +972-4-6677544
fax: +972-4-6677545
Email: info@elmulgolan.co.il

Our kibbutz is blessed with a variety of advanced, successful agricultural branches, such as: bananas, dates, avocados, almonds, poultry, dairy farming and apiary.

El Mul Golan Country Lodging
Kibbutz Shaar- Hagolan
Jordan Valley, Israel
Zip code: 1514500

Reception and reservations: +972-73-2151888 
(you may leave a clear message and a representative will get back to you) Groups' reservations: +972-4-6677667

Fax: +972-4-6677545
Email: info@elmulgolan.co.il

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